Common Questions

Who is able to become a resident of Chatsford?

At least one resident occupying a town house must be 55 years of age or more. Residents are expected to be able to care for themselves independently. It is important that the type of residence you choose is appropriate for your requirements. To help us assist you in choosing your new home, we may require that your doctor provides a declaration affirming that you have selected the accommodation most suitable for you.

I have heard that it is possible to buy an Occupation Right Agreement with a friend.

Yes, joint ownership is possible.

What happens when I leave?

When you exit your home your Occupation Right Agreement Payment will be refunded to you, less a deduction based on the number of years you have been a resident in our community. The only exception to this is in the unlikely event that your property has devalued, in which case during your occupancy, your refund is based on the devalued price, less a deduction based on the number of years.

How is the deduction calculated?

The overall deduction is made up of two components:
  1. Your Community Contribution: This is a deduction of 4% of your Occupation Right Agreement Payment each year for the first five years of occupancy (i.e. up to a maximum of 20%).
  2. Your Chatsford Village Trust Contribution: This is a deduction of 1% of your Occupation Right Agreement Payment each year for the first five years of occupancy (i.e. a maximum of 5%).

How your contributions are spent

This deduction is applied in the following way:
  1. Community Contribution
    Your Community Contribution helps finance our ability to provide all of the community amenities that our residents are able to use and enjoy during their time at Chatsford. A portion of this contribution also covers the return on investment for the developers of Chatsford.
  2. Chatsford Village Trust Contribution
    The Trust was established to ensure that there are funds available to help with any future upgrades and major maintenance costs within Chatsford.

What other costs will I incur after I have bought my Occupation Right Agreement?

Chatsford residents are responsible for their own town house's rates, personal electricity, telephone services, personal chattels. Note: Residents whose only income is New Zealand Superannuation, an allowance is generally available from Income Support Services.

May I make alterations to my home, install fixtures & fittings to my taste?

You can redecorate the interior of your home at any time and make minor changes (other than structural changes.) Any Structural changes require the permission of the Manager and probably the local building inspector. Indiscriminate changes and additions could well result in a loss of property value for you and your neighbours.

If my health deteriorates who will care for me?

You have the choice of receiving supportive care in your home or (if it is deemed appropriate by your health advisers) transferring to Birchleigh Residential Care Centre for this care. Whereever possible, Chatsford residents are offered priority access to Birchleigh Residential Care Centre. If you meet the appropriate 'need' and 'asset criteria' for this care, it is paid for by the government. If on the other hand you do not meet these tests, you will be responsible for the cost of this care.

Am I guaranteed care for life?

The majority of residents can spend their last days at Chatsford if they choose to. Very high levels of support may necessitate a move to our Rest Home (currently less than 4% of New Zealand's over 65 years old population require this level of support). Birchleigh Residential Care Centre is generally still able to care for residents where their health deteriorates to require long stay hospital care or specialist dementia care. However, under very exceptional circumstances we may not be able to meet a resident's health requirements. In such circumstances a resident may need to transfer to a hospital or specialist care facility to receive appropriate treatment.

Can I bring a pet?

Several Chatsford residents do have pets, with a number of cats and a few small dogs. But pets can be a very individual choice; one person's special moggy or pooch can be quite stressful for someone else.

It is in everyone's interest that we have some control over the introduction of pets into the Chatsford community. Our policy is that any resident must obtain written approval from Management before bringing a pet into the community.

Who looks after the gardens and lawns?

We have experienced Ground Staff who look after our stunning landscaped gardens, grounds and lawn areas. The gardens around each home are often cared for by the occupier, but our Grounds staff can maintain some or all of the garden if required. There is no additional cost for this service.

Composting and mulching is carried out by Chatsford staff at appropriate times of the year.

If one of us take sick, can we go to the Rest Home?

Residents of Chatsford have priority access to Birchleigh Residential Care Centre. Please note, though, that any placement in a residential care facility is based on a Needs Assessment (carried out by the Southern DHB) to determine the appropriate level of care.

What other costs are there over and above the Community Outgoings Charge?

Chatsford residents are responsible for local authority rates on their home, personal electricity, telephone services, and personal chattels.

Meals are available from the Chatsford kitchen. If you choose to use this service, meal costs are your responsibility.

Note: For Residents whose only income is New Zealand Superannuation, an allowance covering a range of services is generally available from Income Support Services e.g. Gardening, Medication, Pendant Call alarms.

Can I have visitors to stay?

Most certainly. Your friends and family are welcome to visit for short periods. If your guest will be staying for a longer period (more than four weeks) we do request that you obtain approval from Management.

Your guests may use Chatsford's common facilities provided you accompany them and they do not disturb the privacy and enjoyment of other residents.

If you wish, you can arrange to have a meal with your guests in the dining room. Naturally, advanced notice is requested.

Who pays the insurance?

The insurance on your home and all community buildings is Chatsford's responsibility. These insurance costs are covered by the Community Outgoings Charge.

You are responsible for your own contents insurance only.

What is the average cost of Townhouse or Apartment?

The asking price for of each home is based on current market values, taking into account aspects such as the size of the home, its age, garaging, positioning, etc.

Chatsford town houses currently range in price from as low as $220,000 through to $470,000 for the largest three bedroom, double garage homes.

Apartments within Chatsford range from $84,000 for a studio unit through to $376,000 for a large two bedroom, two bathroom unit. As you can see, there is an option to suit most budgets at Chatsford.

Who pays the rates?

With such a wide variation of values for properties at Chatsford, the local authority rates per home also vary significantly. Chatsford separates rates out of the general Community Outgoings Charge and levies them at cost to the occupiers of each home. This ensures smaller properties are not subsidising larger ones, and each resident is meeting their specific share of the local authority rates cost.

In most cases rates are levied on each home by the Dunedin City Council and the Otago Regional Council based on the capital value of the property. These rates are billed to Chatsford Management and then on-charged.

Where there is more than one home on a particular title (which does occur in some parts of our community) Chatsford allocates a proportion of the total rates for that title based in the floor area of each home.

Local authority rates on common property, such as roading, paved walkways, community buildings and recreational areas are paid from the Community Outgoings Charge.

Do I qualify for a rates rebate?

Under current legislation, residents with a license to occupy (or occupation right agreement) are not eligible for a local authority rates rebate.

The Retirement Villages Association and others within the industry are currently lobbying Government to change this law. While progress is being made, it is proving to be a slow process.

I have a family trust - can the trust purchase the home?

Under the Retirement Villages Act, it is a requirement that that Occupier of the home enters into the Occupation Right Agreement. However, we encourage you to speak to your legal advisor on this matter, as they would be able to assist you and give guidance with matters relating to your Family Trust.

If you have any further questions about life at Chatsford please contact us.